Advantages for Operators

Advantages of AEconversion Micro-Inverter for Operators

Micro-inverters are individually connected to one or two photovoltaic modules. This way, the PV-modules operate independently and the maximum performance of each PV-module is achieved. The solar energy is optimally utilized. Shading and problems caused by dirt or debris on the modules have minimal impact on the system.

The modular use of the micro-inverter offers system operators substantial advantages, including maximizing energy production through enhanced MPP tracking ranges, integrated anti-islanding capabilities, low system cost and costy-efficient monitoring options.

Maximum Energy Production through Expanded MPP-Tracking Range

  • Micro-inverters are connected directly to one or two modules. The primary advantage is that the micro-inverters perform the search of the maximum power point (MPPT - Maximum Power Point Tracking) at the module level and not at the system level, as with conventional string systems.
  • The maximum power point (MPP) is determined individually for each PV-module to make the modules work independently and to maximize the energy yield of the entire system. Consequently, the impact on the system yield due to shading from trees, chimneys, or because of other contaminants is reduced to a minimum.
  • The AEconversion Micro-inverters are equipped with an extended MPP tracking range and can thus achieve even higher yields on the module.

Integrated Anti-Islanding

  • The in Europe legally required disconnecting device for network monitoring with an islanding protection system (grid and system protection) according to VDE-AR-N 4105 is already integrated in all AEconversion Micro-Inverters. This is to guarantee that the micro-inverter automatically disconnects from the mains in case of a power failure or shutdown. An island formation and feed back into the power grid are thus prevented.

Low System Cost

  • In PV-systems equipped with micro-inverters, the components and installation costs can be reduced by up to 15%. DC components such as DC-connection boxes or DC circuit breakers as well as skilled workers for handling high DC voltages become unnecessary. Detailed System and shadow planning needed for string systems are eliminated and the quick and easy installation through "plug-and-play" connectors further reduce the investment costs.
  • The AEconversion Micro-Inverter is already equipped with an integrated disconnection device and therefore does not need seperate investment.
  • The cost-efficient monitoring and system accessories make the AEconversion system to an economic system.

Cost-Effective Monitoring Solutions

  • The investment costs for a PV-system should not be unnecessarily increased by expensive monitoring products. Therefore, AEconversion offers a variety of cost-effective monitoring options, from simple interface adapters for general system control to detailed system monitoring with integrated web servers.
  • Due to the modular system design, PV-systems with micro-inverters can be monitored at the module level. This provides continuous monitoring and analysis on modular basis, as well as simple problem localization and assistance with performance optimizations.