AEDL-LAN - Data Logger

System Monitoring with Datalogger AEDL-UH

The AEconversion Data Logger AEDL-UH enables cost-efficient and comprehensive monitoring of the PV-system. The data logger provides the connection between the inverter and the utility grid and also stores the data of the photovoltaic system.

The AEDL-UH can be directly connected to micro-inverters with either RS485 or Powerline communication capability. The system data can be cached on a USB memory stick and then analyzed on a computer using the monitoring software AEsolar.

Technology of the AEDL-UH

The AEDL-UH Data Logger can monitor up to 50 micro-inverters and stores all operational data including current performance and yield data for up to 2 years. The polling intervals can be adjusted individually in the range from 1 minute to 60 minutes. The data is displayed on an LCD with backlight. In addition to reading the data directly on the display, the stored data can be copied to a USB memory stick to represent them graphically using the monitoring software AEsolar.