Communication Technology of Micro-Inverter Systems

Each PV-system is unique and has different requirements for the micro-inverter to be used. With regards to system communication, the scope of monitoring determines the matching micro-inverter. Depending on the monitoring requirements, a micro-inverter can be selected from three different communication versions.

The Powerline and RS485 communication versions provide extensive monitoring capabilities. If there is no need for system integrated monitoring, AEconversion offers a micro-inverter version with a unidirectional communication interface in order to reduce the equipment cost.


The main advantage of Powerline communication is that the existing AC wiring is also used by the micro-inverter for data transfer.


The RS485 communication technology offers efficient monitoring of PV-systems over long distances and in areas with strong electrical interference.


In situations where the system monitoring is unnecessary, micro-inverters with limited communication should be used for reasons of cost efficiency.