Customized Products

Custom Inverters from AEconversion

Are you looking for a micro-inverter for a specific application other than a conventional PV-system? Or are you in need of an innovative, more efficient way to design PV-systems?

AEconversion as an engineering company can develop a suitable solution tailored to your needs. Whether it is the development of a specific solution or adjusting the inverter for special applications, we can adapt our micro-inverters to meet your requirements or will work with you towards a suitable product.

Inverters for Special Module Types

Are you using a special type of PV-module that is not compatible with standard micro-inverters, possibly due to an atypical input voltage? We will work with you to tailor our micro-inverters to meet your module requirements.

Custom Certifications

Do you require a special certification? We may already offer the appropriate approval. Please contact us at to find out if our micro-inverters already has the certification you are looking for and if not, we may be able to obtain it shortly.