On-Grid RS485 System

Grid-Connected PV-Systems with RS485 Micro-Inverters

The RS485 communication technology, as a widely used industry standard, provides efficient monitoring of PV-systems over long distances and in areas with strong electrical interference.

The micro-inverters are equipped with two RJ-45 ports and may in conjunction with a data logger collect the performance data of the PV-system. The installation of the PV-System is carried out quick and easy with "Plug & Play" connectors.

System Set-Up with AEconversion RS485 Micro-Inverters

AEconversion provides all the necessary components of an effective photovoltaic system, including micro-inverters with RS485 communications, cost-effective monitoring devices and other accessories.

  • The system consists of Micro-inverters with integrated RS485 communication, each connected to one or two PV-modules.
  • H4 PV-connectors can be used if the PV modules are not equipped with compatible PV connectors.
  • PV branch connectors are used when micro-inverters are connected in parallel on two modules.
  • Using the AC-cabling, the micro-inverters are interconnected and then connected to the network. All open AC connections must be sealed with a closure piece.
  • The RS485 connection is established through assembled Ethernet cables or RJ45 connectors and cables.
  • There are three main options to monitor the photovoltaic system: (1) Web-based Data Logger AEDL-LAN in conjunction with a PLC Gateway, (2) Data Logger AEDL-UH, or (3) USB-RS485 Adapter.