On-Grid Unidirectional System

Grid-Connected PV-Systems with Unidirectional (NoCom) Micro-Inverters

For cost reasons or for systems where monitoring of the system is simply unnecessary, a micro-inverter with one-way communication capability should be used.

For these cases, AEconversion provides micro-inverters with unidirectional communication capabilities. By using independent monitoring systems, basic performance data (overall yield of the system) can be monitored. The integrated LED allows checking the current operating data. The installation of the PV-System is carried out quick and easy with "Plug & Play" connectors.

System Set-Up with AEconversion Unidirectional (NoCom) Micro-Inverters

AEconversion provides all the necessary components of an effective photovoltaic system, including micro-inverters with unidirectional communication and other accessories.

  • The system consists of Micro-inverters with integrated Powerline communication, each connected to one or two PV-modules.
  • H4 PV-connectors can be used if the PV modules are not equipped with compatible PV connectors.
  • PV branch connectors are used when Micro-inverters are connected in parallel on two modules.
  • Using the AC-cabling and AC-distribution blocks, the micro-inverters are interconnected and then connected to the network. All open AC connections must be sealed with a closure piece.