PLC Gateway

System Monitoring with Powerline (PLC) Gateway

The AEconversion Powerline (PLC) Gateway serves as a converter for Powerline and RS485 communication, and in addition establishes the connection between the inverter and the utility grid.

To enable monitoring, a USB-RS485 interface adapter or data logger can be used in combination with the PLC Gateway. Thus, the system data can be visualized with the help of the AEsolar Monitoring Software on a computer.

Technology of the Powerline (PLC) Gateway

The AEconversion PLC Gateway serves as interface between the AC powerline combined with the modulated data and the RS485-bus system. The gateway can direct up to 16A AC through the inverter to the subdivision. It provides a reliable filter to shield communication from external interferences. The system data is provided at the RS485 port. In order to connect all inverters with a central monitoring station, e.g. an AEconversion Data Logger, the gateways can be connected in parallel to the RS485 bus.