Powerline Communication

Advantages of Powerline (PLC) Communication

An effective way of communication between a PV-system and a monitoring station is realized using the Powerline standard.

The main advantage of Powerline communication is that it is carried out using the existing AC wiring, making additional communication connectors and wiring for the micro-inverter unnecessary. The installation of the system is easily carried out using the Plug & Play connectors.

Set-up of PLC Micro-Inverter Systems

Each micro-inverter is connected to a PV-module using the DC wiring. The DC power is individually converted into grid-compliant AC power. The inverter is equipped with one AC terminal on the right side of the connection area, a 20 A AC connector. To connect multiple inverters, the micro-inverters are connected using AC-cabling and distributions blocks.

For the Powerline communication, the generated alternating current is fed into the utility grid using the PLC Gateway or a data logger, either the AEDL-UH or AEDL-LAN. To enable monitoring, there are several options.

System Monitoring using AEDL-LAN Data Logger and PLC Gateway

The micro-inverter is connected to the AEDL-LAN via the PLC Gateway. The AEconversion Data Logger AEDL-LAN takes over the continuous recording and storage of operational data. Through Ethernet, the data can be accessed through a standard internet browser via the built-in web server of the data logger.

System Monitoring using AEDL-UH Data Logger

The micro-inverter is directly connected to the AEDL-UH, which takes over the continuous recording and storage of operational data, and provides the connection to the utility grid. Using a USB flash drive, the stored data is transferred and displayed on the PC.

System Monitoring using PLC Gateway and the USB-RS485 Adapter

The PLC Gateway provides the connection between the inverter and the utility grid. When connecting the USB-RS485 Interface Adapter to the gateway at one end and to a computer on the other end, the PV-system can be monitored. For monitoring and continuous recording, the PC has to remain switched on and connected.