Monitoring Software

System Monitoring with Software from AEconversion

Depending on the monitoring device that is used to monitor the photovoltaic system, AEconversion provides the right monitoring software free of charge. AEsolar is a monitoring software that provides operational data for PV-systems that are connected via the USB-RS485 Adapter. If the PV-system is equipped with the AEDL-UH Data Logger, then evaluation of the system performance can be enabled via the AEdatalog-Viewer software. Details to AEsolar and AEdatalog-Viewer are described below.

System Monitoring with AEsolar

The software "AEsolar" stores and displays all operational data and events of the photovoltaic system. Using the software, the micro-inverters can be arranged virtually according to the actual rooftop system in order to aid with quickly locating possible system issues. The operational and performance data of each micro-inverter can be stored and displayed using AEsolar. To verify the system performance, the current day yield as well as the performance of the entire system or for each individual micro-inverter can be displayed. The AEsolar software can be used when the RS485 bus from the micro-inverter or PLC Gateway is connected via RS485-USB adapter to the PC. For monitoring and continuous recording, the PC has to remain switched on and connected. The monitoring software AEsolar is free of charge and can be downloaded as a .zip file.

System Performance Evaluation with AEdatalog-Viewer

The performance data of PV-Systems that are equipped with the AEDL-UH Data Logger can be evaluated using the AEdatalog-Viewer software. The AEDL-UH Data Logger can monitor up to 50 inverters and stores all operational data for up to 2 years. The system data is stored internally and can be accessed via USB memory stick. The copied data is transferred to a PC and evaluated using the AEdatalog-Viewer Software. The software provides performance data of the PV-system on a micro-inverter level. The evaluation software AEdatalog-Viewer is free of charge and can be downloaded as a .zip file.