Solar On-Grid

On-Grid Photovoltaic Systems with Micro-Inverters

Micro-inverters are typically used in grid-connected photovoltaic systems. Depending on technical specifications, the AEconversion Micro-Inverter is individually connected to one or two PV-modules and converts the direct current into grid compliant alternating current. Through the individual conversion at each module, the sun’s energy can ideally be used. In addition, the micro-inverter solves another widespread problem in conventional systems. Because of the series connection in PV-systems using string- or central-inverters, the PV-modules are codependent regarding performance. If the performance of one PV-module drops, due to shading or module mismatching for example, the modules in that same string are affected negatively. Through the individual connection in PV-systems using micro-inverters the PV-modules work independently, each at their maximum performance to increase energy harvest.

The “plug-and play”-system eliminates connection mistakes, making the installation safe and easy. There are no high voltage DC circuits to handle and installation time and costs are reduced. Installations are effective ranging from small family houses to large office fronts and can be installed on any available space, regardless of orientation, shading or module tolerances. Each system can be rearranged or upgraded with more PV-modules when needed, for example with performance expansion or building modifications.

With the micro-inverter, it is possible to monitor the performance of PV-systems on modular basis, which enables comprehensive monitoring and fast problem recognition. In that way, not only an increase in energy earning can be provided, but also a decrease in energy losses can be achieved by detecting and localizing problems quickly and effectively.
The housing of the micro-inverter is IP65 (50 Hz version) or NEMA 4 (60 Hz version) protected and designed for operating temperatures from -25°C to 70°C. If the temperature inside the case exceeds a certain value, the inverter will reduce the maximum power to protect itself. Systems with micro-inverters are easy to design and install. Each inverter can be mounted to the mounting bracket below the PV modules, however, recommended is a place where a service can be performed easily.