Unidirectionale (NoCom) Communication

Advantages of Unidirectional (NoCom) Communication

In situations where monitoring of the system is simply unnecessary, a micro-inverter with unidirectional communication ability should be used for cost efficiency purposes. AEconversion provides an inverter with limited communication specifically for such cases. Through the use of independent monitoring systems, baseline performance (overall yield of the system) can be monitored. The integrated LED allows checking the current operating status. The installation of the system is easily carried out using the Plug & Play connectors.

Set-up of No-Com Micro-Inverter Systems

Each micro-inverter is connected to a PV-module using the DC wiring. The DC power is individually converted into grid-compliant AC power. The inverter is equipped with one AC terminal on the right side of the connection area, a 20A AC connector. The terminal voltage is 208V, 230V or 240V depending on the version. The converted AC power is then directly fed into the utility grid via AC wiring.

The inverters are connected using AC extension cables and distribution blocks, with one input and three outputs, to form continuous AC power circuits.