USB-RS485 Adapter

System Monitoring with USB-RS485 Interface Adapter

The USB-RS485 interface adapter is the most cost-effective and simple option for the system monitoring. With little effort, the micro-inverter system is connected to a computer with the help of this USB-RS485 adapter.

When a connection is established with a PC, the system data can be recorded and displayed using the AEsolar Monitoring Software. This provides a simple alternative to check the performance data of your photovoltaic sytem without investing in a complex monitoring system.

Technology of the USB-RS485 Interface Adapter

If RS485 micro-inverters are used in the system, the RS485-USB adapter can be connected directly to the inverters. If the system is equipped with Powerline micro-inverters, the RS485-USB adapter is connected to the Powerline Gateway.

The adapter provides Inferface status LEDs for visualization of sending, receiving and Power, which facilitates troubleshooting. The provided pluggable locking mechanism easily guarantees a flexible connection from the RS485 bus.