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Customized power supply solutions and battery chargers

We develop and produce power supply systems and battery chargers optimized for your intended application. Due to our long experience, you will receive your specific and cost-effective OEM solution after only a very short period of time. Development is carried out entirely by our team of experts in Bad Sassendorf, Germany. We maintain production capacities in both Germany and China. All phases of development will closely involve your own team to ensure compliance with your technical and budgetary requirements are met.

Your customized solution

A customized power supply, perfectly adapted to your application, greatly improves your system overall. Each specification on your data sheet will be paid close attention to, including electrical characteristics, form factor, communication, operating environment or approval process!

Low risk, short time-to-market

A large construction kit of field-proven circuits (building blocks) from numerous previously developed devices and a team of experts with more than 30 years of experience will keep development risks low and enable a short time-to-market.

German Engineering

Every step from requirements analysis to approval will take place in Germany. Close supervision on your part is enabled at every stage. Count on us as your OEM partner with core competence in power supplies and battery chargers, including series production.

Request your quotation

Using our inquiry form you can send usthe most important parameters of your required power supply solution. You can also arrange a personal meeting with our CEO, if desired. Let’s get in touch and develop your device together!

Take a look at a typical project sequence from the initial idea to change management in series production. We closely involve you in all project phases. This ensures a short development time and the fulfillment of your requirements.

Project sequence

Reference products

We develop and produce power electronics optimized for your intended application. All parameters will be closely taken into account – no matter if electrical characteristics, form factor or communication. Our experience derives from numerous previously developed and produced power supply devices and battery chargers.