Adaptive Energy Conversion

Innovative power electronics made in Germany: solar inverters, power supply devices, and battery chargers


German-made inverters and monitoring solutions for solar plants

AEconversion is among the pioneers of micro-inverter production and has consistently promoted renewable energy generation from the beginning. The special features of our products include performance optimization for each individual PV-module, modular expandability, easy installation, and highest safety standards. Our second-generation inverters are the slimmest and lightest devices on the market, making them ideal for smaller solar installations, e.g., on balconies.

Our AEco.1 monitoring solution is optimized for small systems as well. Set between inverter (regardless of brand) and power socket, it measures power production, and transmits all relevant data to your smartphone via our app, thereby integrating the system seamlessly into smart homes.

Your customized power supply at an attractive price

We develop and produce power supply devices and battery chargers optimized for your individual application. With AEconversion, no relevant parameters will be overlooked – whether electrical characteristics, form factor or communication. We design power electronics with passion, building on the experience of numerous past custom developed products. Thus, your own individual and cost-effective OEM-solution will be ready to use after a short development time.

R&D is carried out entirely by our team of experts in Bad Sassendorf, Germany. You will be closely involved in every development phase of the project. We maintain production capacities both in Germany and China, with all quality control, logistics planning and customer service taking place in Bad Sassendorf, without exception.

Power Supply Systems


About us

AEconversion develops and produces innovative power conversion products, building on many years of experience. With efficient power electronics, we contribute to a more sustainable world and support the generation of renewable energies. In doing so, we strive for cooperative partnerships and long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and employees alike.

Let us achieve more together! All our employees are true experts who, through incessant focus on the product, achieve the best individual solution for each customer. With us, you will get to experience development in every respect – development of products, further development of our company, and, of course, personal development! A trusting relationship, mutual support and a very collegial working atmosphere characterize our company. Be a part of our team and contribute to both our and your own future success!