Monitoring your small solar system with AEco.1

Our monitoring solution AEco.1 is optimized for small systems. The device measures the energy gained from the solar system, regardless of brand and type of the PV module and inverter. The measured data is stored in a cloud on servers in Germany. The storage solution is GDPR compliant and the data can be accessed by smartphone via our app. Through integration into a smart home system, further applications are possible, including optimization of energy consumption.


The AEco.1 is connected to the inverter and a standard electric socket. The setup is very simple: Just install the app on your smartphone, plug in the device, and connect to wireless LAN. Of course, as with our inverters, the AEco.1, is designed for outdoor use and is completely weatherproof.

The device can be used independent of brand and type of connected components. Not only does it allow for keeping track of solar systems with AEconversion inverters, but also in connection with devices of any other manufacturer. The same is true for PV modules.

The App

Real time display of power generation allows you to check if the system is functioning as intended at any time. Also, the total yield of the solar system and an estimation of avoided CO2 emissions is shown.

With the AEco.1 you can integrate your solar system into your smart home. As it is connected to WLAN anyway, the determined values can additionally be made available to the smart home system via MQTT protocol. The app was developed in cooperation with our partner EASY SmartHome and is available for Android and iOS.