Micro Inverters

Inverters convert the direct current generated by solar modules into grid-compliant alternating current. Micro-inverters are placed directly underneath one or two PV modules, allowing their power generation to be optimized independent of other solar modules. This so-called Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for each module minimizes the reduction in power generation when individual modules are shaded. In addition, solar systems can be easily expanded with additional modules in this way.

The lower voltages compared to string inverters also increase safety. This is especially true for small systems such as balcony mounted PV-systems and building-integrated photovoltaics, where technical components are within reach. As consumers can install such a system themselves, rather than having an electrician do it, installation becomes easier and costs are significantly lower.

AEconversion has developed micro inverters since 2012 already and is one of the pioneers in the field of this type of power electronics. Contact us today to benefit from our experience!

Micro Inverters Product Range

Each photovoltaic system has different requirements with respect to its inverter. The required power class of the inverter is determined by the characteristics of the PV modules. Choice of the appropriate inverter depends on the voltage range and power of the solar modules. To cover the widest possible range of modules, we offer our customers inverters with a power of either 300 W or 500 W. The module power may be larger, since the power specification of the modules refers to optimal conditions. Geographical location and installation angle may reduce the power output of the modules.

Our second-generation INV315-50 inverter is designed specifically for small-scale PV systems such as balcony power plants. As the lightest device on the market weighing only 0.8 kg. Due to its slim design, it can be easily mounted directly underneath the PV module. The INV500-90 inverter features a robust design for higher power and communication options for larger rooftop installations.

AEconversion Micro-Inverter INV500-90.


· Combine with up to two modules
· For solar modules up to 700 watts
· Powerline communication

Picture with top view and side view of inverter.


· Combined with one individual module
· For modules up to 400 watts
· Screw to module directly

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Advantages of micro inverters

AEconversion micro inverters are ideally suited for conventional photovoltaic applications. For some applications, the use of micro inverters even offers additional advantages over string inverters. These include higher safety in case of fire, monitoring functions on demand, safe and easy installation, high system redundancy, and MPP tracking on module level.

Micro-inverters are connected directly to one or two modules. Thus, power optimization takes place at module level, instead of for the entire plant. The inverter has an extremely high efficiency rate of 96%.

Since only one or two modules are connected to the inverter, no high DC voltages occur. These devices meet the highest safety standards.

Due to the high safety level and avoidance of complex interconnections, even non-experts will be able to install a micro inverter himself by simply connecting plugs to their sockets.

A system employing micro inverters can be expanded by any number of additional solar modules according to need instead of having to be sized once and for all.

AEconversion boasts long warranty periods, excellent service provided by our team in Germany and outstanding sustainability. Unlike products from other manufacturers, the devices are not cast, and thus can be opened and repaired, if necessary.

The INV315-50 is optimized for small plants such as PV-systems on balconies and can be easily mounted directly underneath the module. The INV500-90 is suitable for larger solar systems.


Micro inverters by AEconversion have a broad range of applications. From rooftop installation and solar systems on building facades to PV system optimization and compact private-use systems, AEconversion has a solution for every system.

Powerline System

  • Communication via AC line
  • High range


  • Data readable via app
  • Smart home integration

Control System CO3

  • Recording of all data pertaining to power consumption and yields
  • Controllability of feed-in yields