AEconversion – the Company for Adaptive Energy Conversion

Welcome to AEconversion – your developer and manufacturer of custom high-quality power electronics. Since 2012, we have been based in Bad Sassendorf, Germany, as AEconversion GmbH & Co. KG. Prior to 2012, we were known as APtronic AG – already headed by Theodor Schulte as co-managing director and with a nearly identical core development team. Co-founder Walter Knittel regrettably passed away in December 2021. In mid-2021, Dr. Stefan Grösbrink became part of the management team as a co-managing director. In the meantime, we have grown to 40 employees at our headquarters in Bad Sassendorf and maintain a specialized team to support production in China.

AEconversion aims at building long-term customer relationships based on trust, transparency, and a passion for advanced technology. As we deliberately maintain a manageable and carefully developed customer base, you may look forward to always receiving personal and swift support yourself. At AEconversion, you always have a direct line to our CEO.

We exclusively employ specialized professionals who use all their expertise and experience to form agile and highly innovative teams. This is how we manage to meet each of your requirements on time and worldwide, with support from experts and partners who are among the best in the entire industry. Since our approach has always been characterized by thinking globally, we have been able build a strong international network of suppliers, customers and employees of different nationalities.

Corporate culture

Our Mission

With innovative power electronics and efficient renewable energy technologies, we create advanced solutions for a more sustainable world.

Innovative solutions

AEconversion develops and manufactures innovative power conversion devices with a focus on efficiency and reliability. Inverters and monitoring solutions for solar systems, power supplies and battery chargers represent are at the center of our portfolio. At the same time, we boast unsurpassed expertise with any kind of customized power electronics.

Made in Germany

Design, hardware development, incl. magnetic components, and software development are carried out entirely by our experienced team in Bad Sassendorf, Germany. During all project phases, we enable seamless involvement of yourself and your team, whenever desired. Thus, you will receive a product tailored exactly to your requirements after an exceptionally short development period.

Production and quality

For production, we maintain capacities both in Germany and in China. Quality control, logistics planning and product-related services are all carried out in Bad Sassendorf and meet highest standards. In this way, we have been meeting the demands of our customers in Germany, all over Europe and in the USA for many years.