Energy generation through photovoltaics contributes to a more sustainable world and lower CO2 emissions. Inverters, in turn, are a fundamental part of photovoltaic systems. They convert the direct current produced by solar modules into standard household alternating current. The smallest photovoltaic systems consist of only one solar module, the largest of several thousand modules. Micro-Inverters are suitable for small systems, e.g. solar systems installed on balconies. In the context of building-integrated photovoltaics, they are significantly safer than string inverters, due to lower voltages.

Small solar plants are easy to get licensed. Their sustainable electricity output helps reduce electricity costs and contributes to climate protection. In Germany, homeowners are allowed to operate systems up to 600 watts for self-consumption, with no application for permission required. Other than with larger solar systems, a small PV-system is to be registered with the grid operator by the owners themselves, not through a certified electrician. Our micro inverters are particularly efficient thanks to the power optimization for every single solar module.


AEconversion develops, manufactures, and distributes micro-inverters for the electrical use of sunlight as an inexhaustible source of energy. The key component of a solar system is the inverter. This device determines how much electricity from the solar modules is fed into the grid and becomes usable. Micro inverters from AEconversion enable interconnection between varying numbers of PV-modules depending on the power and voltage of the module type. The modular concept allows for future expansion of your solar system to any given extent.

Through technical system monitoring, information about the yields of a solar system, i.e., the amount of energy produced, can be accessed at any time. The summed-up past values as well as the current value make it possible to detect technical problems of the solar system at an early stage and allow for optimization of the power yield. Our monitoring and communication solution AEco.1 monitors yields in real time. The data is stored exclusively on German servers for longer-term observation. You can conveniently access the value data via your smartphone. The integration into a smart home system opens up additional possibilities, such as an optimization of consumption.